SVN image wants Qt4 and "designer plugin"?

Matt Rogers mattr at
Sat Jul 30 19:47:06 UTC 2005

On Saturday 30 July 2005 12:10 pm, Steven T. Hatton wrote:
> Progress is a good thing.  Sometimes it means I can't get the latest image
> to compile.  This is one of those good times.  First it wanted Qt4, so I
> changed my QTDIR to point to my Qt4 build take from the rsync.  Now it's
> saying I need designer installed.  I believe that means I need something
> installed in my /etc/kde3 (or should that be /etc/kde4?).  I have the
> latest bits from the SuSE ftp supplementary for 9.3.  That usually
> suffices.  There is some stuff in the Qt that SuSE provided that claims to
> be Qt4.  Does anybody know how to get this to build with an up-to-date SuSE
> installation?

don't build kdevelop from trunk. get it from branches/KDE/3.5 instead


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