MS Visual Studio project manager

JeDi jeroen.dierckx at
Mon Jul 25 15:41:06 UTC 2005

> Before you start anything, have a look at cmake. This build tool can
> generate Visual Studio projects under windows and makefiles/kdevelop
> projects under linux while being easier to use than automake & friends.
> If you have time to spend on that, I would enhance cmake support in
> kdevelop.

I know about cmake. Is there already a cmake project manager being
developed? I mean real cmake support in kdevelop, not creating
kdevelop projects from cmake files.

But this doesn't really solve my problem. In MS visual studio, no
other project management system can be used than the build-in system.
I could move project management to cmake, but then I would have to
manually manage the project files, and recreate the visual studio
projects from that. That's even worse than letting two IDEs manage my
project semi-automatically.
Plus, I want to be able to use (and am using) more advanced features
of the (new) visual studio build system, like property sheets and
custom build rule sets.

So I still think my suggestion is the way to go. Any comments are
greatly appreciated.


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