[PATCH] Function pointer var problem

Vladimir Prus ghost at cs.msu.su
Mon Jul 18 10:38:03 UTC 2005

Vladimir Prus wrote:

> The problem is that gdb returns this when
> asked about the value:
>    $1 = {int (int)} 0xb7ee6e9c <__DTOR_END__+4>
> I can change the logic so that we check if
> there's '}' as last character, and if not, removing the {}-delimited part
> at the beginning, just like is not done with leading "(unsigned int*)" for
> pointers. The attached patch fixes the problem and still shows structures
> and arrays fine.
> Comments?
> At the same time, I've asked on gdb mailing list why braces, and not
> parenthesis, is used in that case. But even if a change is made, it will
> be a long time before kdevelop can expect that gdb behaves sensibly.

The gdb people did not find extra '{}' to be a problem, even though it's
unconditionally output in all cases, even in MI mode. So fixing this on
KDevelop side is the only option.

Patch committed in revision 435790.

- Volodya

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