probably the best C++ parser...

Sylvain Joyeux sjoyeux at
Wed Jul 13 18:04:52 UTC 2005

How many kdevelop developers are actually using it for KDevelop-related 
development ? The autocompletion feature is slow as hell for projects of 
this size (yes, I'm talking about a non-debug version and more than 512MB 
RAM) and since there is no cmake support, we'll soon be unable to do the 
project management.

I stopped telling people to use it at my lab since there is no autoconf 
support and nobody cared to even reply to my last email about the 
projectmanager part. I don't want to manage a patch for months. I don't 
see myself telling "Yeah, use KDevelop, it rocks" and then try to explain 
why I use vim


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