New parser branch (Was: Dumping the source DOM?)

Steven T. Hatton hattons at
Wed Jul 13 08:09:10 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 12 July 2005 12:42, Roberto Raggi wrote:
> On Thursday 30 June 2005 15:47, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> > ghost at zigzag:~/build/kdevelop4-parser$ r++ lexer.cpp
> > Segmentation fault
> > ghost at zigzag:~/build/kdevelop4-parser$ r++ ast.cpp
> > Segmentation fault
> > ghost at zigzag:~/build/kdevelop4-parser$ r++ tokens.h
> > Segmentation fault
> >
> > Am I doing something wrong?
> strange! it seems to me you're using the wrong ``r++''(maybe the one
> distribuited with kdevelo3!!?). Please, can you try with "./r++ -dump
> file.cpp" (NOTE the ./ prefix)
> anyway, gccxml is *NOT* a solution for KDevelop. We need to parse the
> code(actually the *incorrect/unfinished* code) in realtime. r++ is good
> enough for KDevelop. Actually it is pretty good. It can parse Qt, KDE and
> most of boost.
> ciao robe

Lest I be accused of instigating, I was not suggesting dropping r++ when I 
started this thread.  I just wanted a more intuitive way of viewing and 
working with the CodeModel.  In particular, I want to find a way to represent 
a class in the user's source code as a unified XML DOM object.  A place to 
start may be the CodeModelTreeParser.  Now if I could only find the entry 
point from which to start the traversal, and figure out a way to control it.

This really is a difficult nut to crack.  Everytime I look at the source, I 
find something I never noticed before.  For example, today was the first time 
I noticed CodeModelTreeParser.

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