CPP support broken with QMake

Tobias Erbsland terbsland at printsoft.ch
Tue Jul 12 16:54:53 UTC 2005


Sorry, it was my fault, just added the files.

> could whoever broke the build in the cpp support please commit your missing
> files?  I am pretty sure this is the wrong place for the QMake settings, so
> you are probibly best off to place them with the rest of the QMake support,
> or in a seperate QMake plugin.
> also I am looking at moving the new QMake support along so that we can
> develop with Qt4 with KDevelop.  Currently this is not possible since we do
> not support alternate qmake binaries and with the removal of $QTDIR the
> current support will be completely broken.  People interested in working
> with me on the QMake support please let me know, there is more than enough
> work to be done, but most of the dirty work is complete.  The remainder is
> hooking up the data structures to the UI.

I already solved some of the biggest issues with Qt4 support. But a complete 
redesign for Qt4 would be the best thing i think.

Best regards

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