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Matt Rogers mattr at kde.org
Sun Jul 3 19:33:02 UTC 2005

On Saturday 02 July 2005 02:01 am, Andras Mantia wrote:
> Hi,
>  I made this commit to the SVN. The first part may be not needed,
> altough I think this is the correct way to create the main
> application's GUI which will embed KPart's.
>  The second is an obvious bugfix.
>  But there is one more line in the commit message that needs to be
> discussed: KDevelop shell relies on a *Kate* signal to detect the
> modification state. This is bad as it will not work with other editors.
> I suggest to remove that and implement an own file changed detection
> mechanism.
> Andras
>    connect( part, SIGNAL(modifiedOnDisc(Kate::Document*, bool, unsigned
>  char)), this, SLOT(slotDocumentDirty(Kate::Document*, bool, unsigned
>  char)) );

I believe that the KTextEditor interfaces provide a signal for this as well. 
Using the Kate version is indeed not very good. IIRC, it's in the DocumentExt 
interface, but i don't have any docs available to verify.

Thanks. :)
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