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Andras Mantia amantia at kde.org
Sat Jul 2 09:03:02 UTC 2005


 I made this commit to the SVN. The first part may be not needed, 
altough I think this is the correct way to create the main 
application's GUI which will embed KPart's.
 The second is an obvious bugfix.

 But there is one more line in the commit message that needs to be 
discussed: KDevelop shell relies on a *Kate* signal to detect the 
modification state. This is bad as it will not work with other editors.
I suggest to remove that and implement an own file changed detection 


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Subject: KDE/kdevelop/src
Date: Saturday 02 July 2005 09:50
From: Andras Mantia <amantia at kde.org>
To: kde-commits at kde.org

SVN commit 430667 by amantia:

Do not emit the fileLoaded signal twice.

 M  +2 -1      newmainwindow.cpp
 M  +0 -5      partcontroller.cpp

--- trunk/KDE/kdevelop/src/newmainwindow.cpp #430666:430667
@@ -127,7 +127,8 @@

-    createGUI(0);
+//    createGUI(0);
+    createShellGUI(true);

     //adymo: commented by me - this is a hell, we don't want to enter
 it, do we? /*    QString appstr = "kdev";
--- trunk/KDE/kdevelop/src/partcontroller.cpp #430666:430667
@@ -579,11 +579,6 @@

   emit loadedFile( ro_part->url() );

-  if ( ro_part->url().isLocalFile() )
-  {
-	emit loadedFile(ro_part->url().path());
-  }
   connect( part, SIGNAL(modifiedOnDisc(Kate::Document*, bool, unsigned
 char)), this, SLOT(slotDocumentDirty(Kate::Document*, bool, unsigned
 char)) );

   // let's get notified when a document has been changed


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