developing a new part for a build tool

Etay Meiri etay.meiri at
Sat Jul 2 19:49:05 UTC 2005


I'm trying to develop a new part under buildtools. I copied the
custommakefiles to a new directory and renamed all the relevant places
in the code/makefiles/rc/desktop files from the original to my
specific part (for example, KDevCustomProject --> KDevSimpleProject,
CustomPrjectPart --> SimpleProjectPart, etc). I also updated
buildtools/ to install my part along with the others and I
see that the library, rc and destop files were installed along with
the regular plugins.
I created a small autotools project and renamed the projectmanagement
attribute to my part (KDevSimpleProject). However, when I try to open
the project I get an error that my project management plugin cannot be

How can I debug this?

Thanks a lot,

Etay Meiri
etay.meiri at

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