Integration of KFormDesigner into KDevelop

Cédric Pasteur cedric.pasteur at
Sat Jul 2 14:59:05 UTC 2005

Hi everybody,
I'm the main developer of KFormDesigner 
( ), which aims to become 
Qt Designer replacement (or at least competitor).

It was developed first to become Kexi form plugin, and my efforts were mostly 
done for this. That's why KFormDesigner still lacks a lot of feature, but the 
framework is ready to create these features. This include support for all kde 
widgets, custom widgets (subforms are already supported), better factories 
filtering as well as scripting and kactions support (which would be based on 
Kross, made by Sebastian Sauer, available in kexi/scripting/ dir).
I already have tried to embed kfd into kdevelop, but this plugin is still very 
basic (see kexi/formeditor/kdevelop_plugin).

I'd like to know if you are interested in helping this integration, and also 
in improving kformdesigner, by adding all needed features. Of course I'll do 
the job, but I need to know if you're backing me, and if this is really worth 
spending time.
I think this could be a good thing, as I was very disappointed by qt4 
designer, which doesn't bring any new interesting feature and is even wore 
than qt3 designer.

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Sept. 2000
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