Popup menu during debugging

Vladimir Prus ghost at cs.msu.su
Fri Jul 1 14:41:07 UTC 2005

I think that popup menu that's shown when right clicking on source during
debugging is not quite optimal.

When debugging, I'm most often interested in values of expressions. Say, I
can select an expression and get it's values by right_click->"Watch". (I
intend to add "Evaluate" item there, to match the current variables view,
but that's not relevant here).

However, that "Watch" item is the very last one. It's preceeded by:

1. Redo/Undo
2. Cut/Paste/Copy
3. Find documentation/Search in documentation
   (Especially funny is
        Find documentation: "*(int*)data"
4. Grep
5. Switch header implementation
6. Toggle breakpoint

I think it would be desirable to move the Watch (and the new "Evaluate")
items to the top of the menu, when debugging.

I think that
1. The Redo/Undo/Cut/Paste/Copy items probably should gone. I can't imagine
any user of KDevelop that don't know the appropriate shortcuts.

2. The "Find documentation/Search in documentation" can either be moved
down, or be disabled when the selected text contains non-alphanumeric
characters (like '*' and '(' in my example).

3. Grep and switch header implementation should be moved below debug-related

How does that sound? I don't yet know how easy it would be to implement, but
at this moment is interested only in user interface issues.

- Volodya

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