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Vladimir Prus ghost at
Fri Jul 1 14:18:04 UTC 2005

On Friday 01 July 2005 16:00, Andras Mantia wrote:

> > Hmm.. is it possible to disable those? I guess those shortcuts are
> > specified when katepart creates it's KAction's. Can KDevelop override
> > those?
> it is possible to disable them, altough it doesn't make much sense
> because:
> - other editors can be used inside KDevelop
> - Katepart might change its shortcuts in the future.

Huh, suppose we decide to use Cntrl+Alt+Shift+Win+Menu+'S' for "Step". Then:

1. What if "other editor" uses exactly same shortcut?
2. What if katepart is changed to use this shortcut?

> Of course if something is desperately needed by KDevelop it is possible
> to check for shortcuts on every KPart loading and disable those there
> are used by KDevelop, but with the completely plugin based
> architecture, this is not so nice/easy. For example if the debugger
> plugin disabled F8 in other places, and another plugin will also try to
> disable F8, this will be unpredictable and inconsistent for the user,
> depending on the configured profile.

I realize that clean solution might not be trivial, but some solution is 
certainly needed. The problem exists *now* -- if two plugins try to use the 
same keyboard shortcut, it's not clear what happens. So, katerpart tooks some 
keys, and we need to invent other shortcuts for the debugger in hope that 
there won't be clashes with some other plugin.

A mechanism to resolve shortcut clashes is needed. It's already possible for 
profile to explicitly disable loading of certain plugins, why don't extend 
this to resolve shortcut conflicts?

> > I can't promise to actually fix those problems in any specific time
> > frame, but I would appreciate if you provide a reproducible example.
> > They might end up as bugs in gdb (I recall some breakpoint problems
> > in construct), but anyway, would be great to know for sure.
> I have no idea where are the bugs, but at least the second one I wrote
> looks to be a KDevelop issue. I will post the testcases later (they all
> are about debugging kdewebdev/quanta).


- Volodya

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