Documentation Plugin Questions

Alexander Dymo adymo at
Tue Dec 13 22:38:02 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 13 December 2005 21:09, Alan Ezust wrote:
> Documentation Plugin Questions:
> Q. From the ContentsView, there is a context menu.
>     Where is the code for creating that menu? I'd like to add some
> choices, so that
>     one can edit the from there without going into
>     configure kdevelop -> documentation
It's in ContentsView::itemMouseButtonPressed() method
which calls DocUtils::docItemPopup() which does the job.
You can add necessary functions in ::docItemPopup
but make sure your items for the contents view do not
get into other views. All views (index, bookmarks, search, finder
use the same DocUtils::docItemPopup().

> Q. What exactly does the "update config" button do?
>     Does it update the htdig config, or the documentation
>     plugin config, or the kdevelop config? When is the right time to
> click it? Tooltip?
Oh, the reason we have this button was explained some time ago
(either in kdevelop-devel or kde-commits mailing lists). Try to search
the archives. I only remember it updates htdig config and that's all.

> Q. I can import CHM files into kdevelop help, but I have docbook files,
>    which I can export to HTMLHELP, javahelp, latex, or a bunch of
>    other formats. None of them are listed in kdevelop?
>    Which file formats are best to use for this plugin?
>    Is there a docbook-to-chm converter?
Hmm, custom plugin is ok for all types of docs that konqueror can show.
However you could try to write a dedicated docbook plugin which would
work like khelpcenter recognizing documentation structure and text from
index.cache.bz2 files (produced from docbook sources).  Or you could
choose to process docbook files manually and generate html on the fly.

PS: please also commit your patches to branches/kdevelop/3.4 in svn.
It's a current development KDevelop3.4 for KDE 3.x tree.

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