The declarations in the C++ Standard Library

Matt Rogers mattr at
Tue Aug 16 06:13:02 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 19 July 2005 11:19 pm, Steven T. Hatton wrote:
> I've been wanting to do this for a long time.  Most of the work is
> finished, but there still remains the difficult task of verifying, and
> correcting the files.  One thing to be aware of if you look at these, or
> work with them is that there are some incorrectly coded characters.  These
> are, I believe, restricted to the '~' in destructors.  There are probably
> also some transcription reversal errors due to the tool I used.  If someone
> could put these in an svn KDevelop, or otherwise, perhaps people could fix
> up the remaining problems.  Please DO NOT attempt to copy large sections of
> text from the Standard directly into these files.  I prefer that they
> remain as free of comments as is reasonable.  The idea is to present the
> C++ Standard Headers as the source declarations they are specified to
> supply.
> Poke around and see what this is:
> Just the C++ source files tarballed:
> My original motivation was to provide a good means of generating PCS data
> for KDevelop.  The doxygen stuff was a very pleasnat additional feature. 
> One problem I had was in working with the files sans extensions as if their
> names were the actual Header names.  I didn't try very hard, but without
> some kind of creative thinking, I don't believe doxygen will process them
> as C++ files if they lack such extensions.

very interesting. did you go through the STL yourself or did you take the gcc 
headers and do some munging and things of that sort?

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