Making the next release SEAMLESS for Qt4/KDE4 development.

Roberto Raggi roberto at
Wed Aug 10 10:54:09 UTC 2005

Hi Adam

On Tuesday 09 August 2005 17:50, Adam Treat wrote:
> Right now, we need to make sure that Qt4 UI files are loaded in Qt4
> designer by default.  We need a Qt4/KDE4 code completion PCS store as a
> default option.
please Adam find in attachment my simple PCS-Importer for Qt 4.. Maybe you 
have to change a bit the source code.. for instance would be nice to choose 
the Qt directory and configure(atm it works only if QTDIR points to the Qt 4 

> And I hope to get permission to backport the noinstall KPart patch.
I like the patch :-) feel free to apply it

ciao robe

PS: I'm not sure it works with the current version of KDevelop(but it's tested 
to work with an early alpha release of KDevelop 3.1)

PS2: I think we have to patch the C++ parser (to skip the new macros 
introduced in 4.0).. I don't mind to do it, but you have to wait the next 
"creative friday"
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