Making the next release SEAMLESS for Qt4/KDE4 development.

Matt Rogers mattr at
Wed Aug 10 02:41:27 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 09 August 2005 10:50 am, Adam Treat wrote:
> See Subject line for what I think we should be concentrating the next
> stable release on.
> We're going to be using KDevelop 3.x for the development of KDevelop4 and
> others will be using it for porting.
> Right now, we need to make sure that Qt4 UI files are loaded in Qt4
> designer by default.  We need a Qt4/KDE4 code completion PCS store as a
> default option.
> And I hope to get permission to backport the noinstall KPart patch.
> Adam Treat

I hope you plan to spend the time on this, otherwise I fear it won't ever get 


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