Ongoing question: Where is kdevelop4 port?

Harald Fernengel harry at
Thu Aug 4 06:59:05 UTC 2005


On Thursday 04 August 2005 05:55, Adam Treat wrote:
> It has been several weeks.  Several people have asked where the port of
> kdevelop4 is and when it will be hitting svn, but no one has even offered
> an explanation of what is going on.  Why is it being held up?

several reasons:

   - neither of us had time to clean it up
   - not sure how to integrate with svn to keep history

The last point is the crucial one. We just copied KDevelop into our own svn, 
since the bandwith was so limited. Now we must weave back our changes, 
preferably without losing history (which is important for copyright and svn 

Believe me, I'm as anoyed as you are that we don't have it in svn yet. Here's 
a tarball with what we have:


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