Ongoing question: Where is kdevelop4 port?

Adam Treat treat at
Thu Aug 4 06:13:02 UTC 2005

It has been several weeks.  Several people have asked where the port of 
kdevelop4 is and when it will be hitting svn, but no one has even offered an 
explanation of what is going on.  Why is it being held up?

According to Adymo, Harald, you have it on your machine.  What is preventing a 
commit?  Does it not compile?  Does trolltech want the port to themselves for 
the moment?  Something else going on that no one can be bothered to tell 
other kdevelop developers?

In my mind, this just puts the exclamation point to the fact we need to stop 
doing kdevelop maintainership by committee.  There is no direction and even 
less communication.  It makes it very hard for people to contribute or have 
any sense of the direction of the project.  All I know about KDevelop4 is the 
fact that a bunch of you met and presumably discussed it, but haven't brought 
that discussion to the rest of us.  Oh, and Roberto is working on a new 


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