[quanta-devel] Re: Moving Kommander Executor to kdelibs

Richard Dale Richard_Dale at tipitina.demon.co.uk
Mon Nov 8 20:29:35 UTC 2004

On Saturday 06 November 2004 06:32, Eric Laffoon wrote:
> If the executor is
> not installed with kdelibs or at least with a fair degree of certainty then
> the adoption of Kommander will suffer. In my opinion this would be a loss
> for KDE, users and computing in general... but that's just my opinion. ;-)
I think you could say exactly the same about PyQt/PyKDE or KJSEmbed or the KDE 
ruby bindings. A very small proportion of KDE users will be writing killer 
apps in any of these environments. Even if you argue a higher proportion of 
users can master Kommander over ruby or python programming, that will still 
be a tiny proportion of those users who just want to use kdelibs.

When and if, someone does actually write a killer application in one of these 
development environments, then there might be a case for putting the runtime 
in kdelibs. But even then, the kdelibs module is for the libraries at the 
heart of KDE, it isn't actually supposed to be the repository for various 
development runtimes.

If most users don't have the runtimes for development environments in kdesdk 
or kdebindings installed, that is a separate issue - the solution is not to 
put everything possible in kdelibs and make it bloated. Rather we need to 
make sure every KDE installation has kdebindings and kdesdk installed. I 
agree Kommander and its runtime should be moved from kdewebdev to kdesdk, but 
I see no justification for moving the runtime to kdelibs.

-- Richard

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