[quanta-devel] Re: Moving Kommander Executor to kdelibs

Michal Rudolf mrudolf at kdewebdev.org
Mon Nov 8 17:38:42 UTC 2004

Alexander Dymo,  piątek, 5 listopada 2004 21:24:
>First, I'd like to mention that kommander is a tool, not a library so
>I don't think it can belong to kdelibs. Second, it's not something
>that should be in kdebase. Let's be realistic - no normal (dummy ;))
>KDE user would use commander.
>Kommander is a tool for developers and should be in one of development
>modules in KDE. At this time I know about three such modules: kdewebdev,
>kdevelop, and kdesdk.
Yes, Kommander Editor is surely a tool for developers and its place is in 
kdewebdev or kdesdk.

But here we talk about Kommander Executor which handles executing Kommander 
scripts. Of course, standard users may not want to create their own scripts, 
but unless Kommander Executor is in some common package, application writers 
cannot rely upon it being installed.

I don't want to say that Kommander is ready for such decision (I think that 
KDE 3.4 is too soon for it), just wanted to explain.

Michal Rudolf

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