Interfaces cleanup

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at
Wed Nov 3 23:32:05 UTC 2004

On 3 November 2004 17:07, Alexander Dymo wrote:
> Please do not change/commit code to lib and src directories. I'm currently
> cleaning up our interfaces to delete old methods (classes) and remove
> unnecessary stuff. Remaining stuff will be heavily documented.
> This means new version of KDevelop will be binary and
> source incompatible with old versions.
> I've also solved the problem of information duplication between plugin
> source files and plugin .desktop files. All possible information about the
> plugin will be fetched from .desktop files (see attachment for details).

cvs HEAD (today) fails to compile.
You have to #include "kdevapi.h" in kdevepluging.h instead of class 


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