[Bug 83445] GDB does not work

Roger Larsson roger.larsson at norran.net
Fri Jun 18 01:28:08 UTC 2004

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------- Additional Comments From roger.larsson norran net  2004-06-18 01:27 -------
> Whenever I run the debugger inside of kdevelop, the tty number changes.  I 
> figure that the tty number has to do with the shell that it sometimes 
> launches.

I am pretty sure this is the case.

> I have tried it with and without launching a new terminal window, 
> and I still get the shared library error.

Have you got the _same_ error with all versions (kdevelop, system)?
Do you get the same error if you generate a new project from scratch?
(using the wizard)

> However, when I run the same 
> commands that kdevelop does, outside of kdevelop debugging window, it fails 
> with the tty line and works without it.   
* Do you use _identical_ lines - including "sh" and ".../libtool" or do you start from gdb?
"/bin/sh -c /home/shandles/projects/tiger/libtool /usr/bin/gdb /home/shandles/projects/tiger/tiger/tiger -fullname -nx -quiet"

* Do you get the _identical_ works/non works result? Or do you get different errors?

* You get "(no debugging symbols found)... " before the tty command (so that cant  be blamed on the tty command). Why? Does not tiger contain debug info? Or does it try to debug gdb itself?

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