Splitting up a large project into subfolders?

Andras Mantia amantia at kde.org
Sat Jun 12 10:14:05 UTC 2004

Steven T. Hatton wrote:

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> On Thursday 10 June 2004 15:07, Andras Mantia wrote:
>> IMHO this is an user question and it's far from being a bug. There are
>> many project in KDE that are using subdirectories and subprojects.
> I just meant that the Automake Manager component could use a bit of work.
> Particularly in the area of documentation.  Unfortunately, the Autotools
> documentation is in rather bad shape right now, so it's not easy to get
> started.  It seems to be making more sense now that I understand that
> Makefile.am is the place to make most changes.
> What most inexperienced users are going to expect is that they can click
> on things in the Automake Manager, check a few boxes, select a few items,
> fill
> in a few fields, and that's it.  I suspect if a few people start to figure
> out how it works, and are willing to help others, as well as contribute
> what
> they can to improving it,  this part of KDevelop will improve quickly.
> People may wonder where my contributions are.  Well... I've been working
> on
> things from a different angle.  It seems part of the reason we don't have
> the kinds of features I would like to see in KDevelop is because the
> current C++ Standard and libstdc++ don't provide a good foundation, so
> that's what I've been working on.

I'm not sure I understand what you wrote (well, English isn't my first
language), especially the relation between autotools and libstdc++, but I
agree that KDevelop might improve here and that autotools is not so easy to
learn. ;-) But it's possible, especially if you look at some existing


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