Splitting up a large project into subfolders?

Steven T. Hatton hattons at globalsymmetry.com
Sat Jun 12 04:10:07 UTC 2004

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On Thursday 10 June 2004 15:07, Andras Mantia wrote:

> IMHO this is an user question and it's far from being a bug. There are many
> project in KDE that are using subdirectories and subprojects.

I just meant that the Automake Manager component could use a bit of work.  
Particularly in the area of documentation.  Unfortunately, the Autotools 
documentation is in rather bad shape right now, so it's not easy to get 
started.  It seems to be making more sense now that I understand that 
Makefile.am is the place to make most changes.

What most inexperienced users are going to expect is that they can click on 
things in the Automake Manager, check a few boxes, select a few items, fill 
in a few fields, and that's it.  I suspect if a few people start to figure 
out how it works, and are willing to help others, as well as contribute what 
they can to improving it,  this part of KDevelop will improve quickly.

People may wonder where my contributions are.  Well... I've been working on 
things from a different angle.  It seems part of the reason we don't have the 
kinds of features I would like to see in KDevelop is because the current C++ 
Standard and libstdc++ don't provide a good foundation, so that's what I've 
been working on.
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