Is anyone looking at compiling KDEvelop using gcc-3.4.0?

Daniel Franke daniel.franke at
Tue Jun 1 13:23:40 UTC 2004

> I've had some 'interesting' experiences with gcc-3.4.0.  It's more pedantic
> regarding the interpretation of the Standard.  That has cause some code not
> to compile. The resulting executables from successfully compiled code don't
> always play nicely with my KDE and QT when they are compiled with 3.3.x.  I
> favor moves toward stricter interprettation of the Standard, even if they
> are temporarily inconvenient.

There shouldn't be any problems - as long as you don't use MIPS or SPARC 
hardware (

I have two blade servers (ultrasparc) around and I'm currently compiling 
KDE-3.2.3 and kdevelop-3.0.3 using gcc-3.4 - at least I try to - due to my 
last exam, I had to delay anything else, therefore, I hadn't had time to test 
that last solaris patch yet ... *sigh* ... nevertheless, I will do it :)


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