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Tobias Gläßer tobi.web at
Sun Jul 18 13:44:05 UTC 2004

On So, 2004-07-18 at 12:29 +0200, Bernd Pol wrote:
> Hi all,
> although the icons finally are there in the setup select list, I really 
> hate this design. It has a toyish appearance now, and worse yet, I have 
> to scroll to get to a certain setup page low in the list.
> I definitely want the old decision tree design back (icons appendend to 
> the names would be appreciated, of course). But it is more professional 
> ui design to have the selection visible at on sight, without scrolling 
> needs.
> BTW: The Code Snippets scissors icon is still missing.
> Have a nice day,
> Bernd


I agree with your view!
The configuration dialog is really unintuitive at the moment and your
proposed solution would suit all people well, I think.


Tobias Gläßer

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