Amilcar do Carmo Lucas amilcar at
Wed Feb 25 12:17:05 UTC 2004

KDE_3_2_BRANCH with KDE 3.0.2

kmdiguiclient.cpp: In method 
`KMDIPrivate::KMDIGUIClient::KMDIGUIClient(KMdiMainFrm *, bool, const 
char * = 0)':
kmdiguiclient.cpp:123: no matching function for call to 
`KActionCollection::kaccel ()'
kmdiguiclient.cpp: In method `KMDIPrivate::KMDIGUIClient::~KMDIGUIClient()':
kmdiguiclient.cpp:157: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned
make: *** [kmdiguiclient.lo] Error 1

Amilcar Lucas

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