Implementation of get/setter for variables added through the "AddAttributDialog"

Sascha Cunz mail at SaCu.DE
Tue Feb 17 08:01:02 UTC 2004

> > >The idea was to implement again automatic get/setters into
> > >AddAttributDialog as it was was once in kdevelop 2.x.
> > >As far as i browsed the source code i recognized that there is already
> > >an implementation for adding functions via the AddMethodDialog. So i
> > >guess even i could implement get/setters easyly IF I MAY use the
> > >methodes declared in AddMethodDialog.
> > >So my question is how am i allowed to use functions(especially some
> > >parts of AddMethodDialog::accept()) of AddMethodDialog?? May i declare
> > >AddMethodDialog and AddAttributDialog as friends or "simply" refactor
> > >the parts i need and "copy" them to AddAttributDialog?? (I guess the
> > >second idea is the worse one!)

> >without having a deeper look at the source, shouldn't those functions be
> >implemented inside the language support part ( and posibly belong to the
> >interface of an upcoming "unified project manager")?

> Hmm, i looked at the 3.0.0-release sources, and there the whole thing is
> implemented as shown on the picture [1]! So in my opinion it should look
> something like:
> QDialog <- AddMethodDialogBase <--+ AddMethodDialog
>                                    AddMethod<-/
> where AddMethod contains the whole calcualtion and adding stuff.
> Don't know why they did it their way. Maybe someone knows??? Maybe they
> have had their reasons??? But for the moment it's impossible (for me) to
> call functions from addmethod without calling the whole dialog (and no
> one wants to have a complete function dialog for just adding get and set!)
> [1]

Hi other Sascha, :)
however, i still thing that the logic for adding a method should be moved to 
i.e. CppSupportPart class.

Roberto, could you have a short look at this. It's all about your source 
code. ;)

Cheers Sascha

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