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Jens Dagerbo jens.dagerbo at swipnet.se
Mon Feb 16 23:40:04 UTC 2004

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On Monday 16 February 2004 05:29, Ahn, Duk J. wrote:
> I think File Menu best suits for Quick Open File..
> Because It opens file.

Yes, of course. You are right. It stays in the File menu.

> And for a QuickOpen class and QuickOpen Function, You are right.
> But I'm not an original author of this part.
> And I have no permission(?) to decide it, right?
> Please look at second patch and if you think there is no problem,
> then you can apply patch into CVS.
> And if you think there is some problem, then you can apply to CVS
> with your modification or your addition.

Well.. there was one problem. I might have been unclear earlier, talking about 
avoiding the .ui.h file. The .ui file is a different thing! We (well, I) 
like .ui files. :) The generated .h/.cpp should however never be modified and 
not be checked into CVS. The preferred way to avoid both modifiying the 
generated sources and the .ui.h scheme is to derive the generated sources and 
make the changes in the subclass.

I made the necessary changes. If it's ok with Roberto (being the author and 
maintainer of the plugin) I'll commit it. 

Roberto? :)


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