Implementation of get/setter for variables added through the "AddAttributDialog"

Sascha Herrmann Sascha.Herrmann at
Fri Feb 13 12:40:05 UTC 2004

HI Folks,

as "teatime" suggested in  i am writing 
now to the mailing list.

The idea was to implement again automatic get/setters into 
AddAttributDialog as it was was once in kdevelop 2.x.
As far as i browsed the source code i recognized that there is already 
an implementation for adding functions via the AddMethodDialog. So i 
guess even i could implement get/setters easyly IF I MAY use the 
methodes declared in AddMethodDialog.
So my question is how am i allowed to use functions(especially some 
parts of AddMethodDialog::accept()) of AddMethodDialog?? May i declare 
AddMethodDialog and AddAttributDialog as friends or "simply" refactor 
the parts i need and "copy" them to AddAttributDialog?? (I guess the 
second idea is the worse one!)

BTW i don't want to call or even open a second AddMethodDialog Object 
for only adding get/set methods. In my opinion this would be too much 
overhead!(and very inconvenient for the user!)

Any hints and opinions
bye sascha

PS: as far as i examined, i only need to use the following functions and 
everything they need to work properly:

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