KDevelop 3.0.1

Mario Scalas mario.scalas at libero.it
Wed Sep 24 21:49:03 UTC 2003

Hi cloose :-)

> Ah, I forgot one thing.
> We still have plugins for other version control systems in
> cervisia on our TODO list but we postponed the feature to KDE 3.3.
> I don't know if you want to tackle it for KDevelop 3.0 but if not I think
> we should really talk about a common solution and source base.

We are going to rework the whole VCS thing for kdevelop 3.1 so I think this is 
a good idea.
 It will be nice to provide cervisia as a kdevelop plug-in in addition to 
KPart: I wrote a simple KDevPlugin wrapper for the Cervisia KPart 
but it does not integrate really well (GUI is too different and I find no way 
to build context menu in Cervisia KPart's own context menu). But in this way 
we have
1) an external app which uses the KDevelop SDK :-)
2) all VCS work in KDevelop will be given to Cervisia Plug-in (and so benefit 
of additional VCS support in Cervisia ;-)

As alternative to (2) the would be a need for a more "public" interface in 
cervisia_part.h: it be installed in $PREFIX/include, have some signals and 
slots so a KDevelop plug-in wrapper can attach to and "pilot" it: how to 
force the menubar to to adapt to gideon configuration is out of my knowledge, 
though ;-)

I think there is no need to tackle it for 3.0 release since parts/cvsservice 
will be detected by configure script so who has cervisia enjoy nice features 
and the rest "normal" ones ;-)

Hope I've been clear enough: writing "complex things" in english is not my 
very strength :-)

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