Alexander Dymo cloudtemple at mksat.net
Sun Sep 14 21:30:09 UTC 2003

> today I commited a small change to the trollproject.
> If you click on 'Choose Install Path' now a usual lineedit-dialog
> appears instead of a select-existing-path-dialog.
> The logical reasons:
> The practical reasons:

Ok, I understand your reasons, but disagree with the change.

> -For those that cried because of the change (esspecially roberto):
>  Look into the configuration dialog -> Installation path !
>  Thats the same thingy and here you didnt cry. :)

That's because I've forgot to change it for KURLRequester widget ;)

But both of us can be happy with KURLRequesterDlg. It doesn't require
you to select existing dir. You can type anything but at the same time you
have a "choose dir" button.
That's exactly the same solution I choosed for include paths selector dialogs
(Subproject Config | Includes | Directories outside project | Add).

Actual code:

        if (r == idSetInstObjPath)
          KURLRequesterDlg dialog(i18n( "Choose Install Path" ), 
		i18n( "Please enter a path "
                         "(example /usr/local/share/... ):" ), this, 0);
          if (dialog.exec() == QDialog::Accepted)
            titem->install_path = dialog.urlRequester()->url();

PS: Are those installs objects saved in .pro file? It seems not! Why?

Alexander Dymo
Ukrainian State Maritime Technical University, IT Department

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