Tobias Gläßer tobi.web at gmx.de
Sun Sep 14 19:28:06 UTC 2003

Hi all,

today I commited a small change to the trollproject.
If you click on 'Choose Install Path' now a usual lineedit-dialog
appears instead of a select-existing-path-dialog.

The logical reasons:
-directories can be created in the installation-proccess, that
didnt exist before.
-you usually dont want to install your programs to
the path of your local working directory, where
the old dialog started.
-the old dialog was not intuitive, because it was
a file-select-dialog used for directory selection.

The practical reasons:
-/usr/share/xxx is usually faster typed than it could be selected
in the old dialog, but I know, this differs from person to person.
-in the old dialog you had to create directories physically on your
harddisks to be able to select them. This is ugly.
-the lineedit starts with the currently saved *.path !!!
-For those that cried because of the change (esspecially roberto):
 Look into the configuration dialog -> Installation path !
 Thats the same thingy and here you didnt cry. :)  

Jakob's and my aim is it to make it possible, that all structures
of .pro-files can be saved/ignored, that qmake can use or ignore.
This includes shell-expressions and qmake-functions.

In the case of the lineedit, it would be possible to insert i.e:
"$(if $(PREFIX), $(PREFIX), /usr)"/xxx
Thats not possible for now, because of the trollproject's filebuffer,
but Jakob is already working on that.

Forgive me my typos :)


Tobias Gläßer

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