Congratulations -> New near release of Aplha6 - current CVS

lusse lusse at
Thu Sep 11 16:53:04 UTC 2003

Forgive my bad english please :-)

Hi there, it is a  long time I didn't put my words in this list about Kdevelop 

As the topic of this message: Congratulations! And thank you very much for 
this piece of work! 

The most impressive point I find (important for me,) is with the functionality 
of the automake manager. -> I dunno nothing about those scripts, thus being 
able to add subprojects and target as lib (libtool) is... Fantastic! it 

I think that with this release (a6) we will be able to completely rely on 
and forget all about KDevelop2.x as I am doing now.

Thank you again,

Serge (Bretzel)

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