perlsupport coming back?

Harald Fernengel harry at
Tue Sep 9 19:34:05 UTC 2003


On Tuesday 09 September 2003 19:15, Mario Scalas wrote:
> > I can't use my old gideon anymore due to kmdi changes "gideon: relocation
> > error: gideon: undefined symbol: _ZN11KMdiMainFrm9m_mdiModeE"
> Those messages are usually due to version mismatch within compiled kdevelop
> libraries. Please remove all previously installed gideon binaries and
> re-build from clean sources (make clean && make && make install)

only trouble is that the compilation of Perlsupport is disabled at the moment, 
so rebuilding won't help.

James, if you want to help out, just check the adjustments made to C++ and the 
other languages when we merged the make_it_cool branch, it should be fairly 
straightforward to implement that for perl as well.


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