gideon compile problems and crashes

Harald Fernengel harry at
Wed Sep 18 21:50:05 UTC 2002


On Wednesday 18 September 2002 18:28, Roland Krause wrote:
> I was trying to get gideon compiled yesterday. There are a lot of files
> that have a line
> #include filename.moc
> at the end but there are no Makefile rules to make the mocs from the
> headers files and they dont seem to be necessary either since if I
> remove the lines all compiles and links fine.
> So, how come these lines are there? Are we using different build
> systems?
> I have Mandrake-8.2 with the default toolchain, i.e. automake-1.5 and
> autoconf-2.5 but also the older 1.4 and 2.something versions.
> Maybe someone can enlighten me to this.

Danimo committed a lot of moc stuff and I asked him to revert it. If that 
doesn't happen till next week I'll revert it myself.

> Finally gideon crashes upon exit. Is that a known problem?

Do you have a backtrace?

Best regards,

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