Gideon and the KDE 3.1 release

Serge Lussier bretzel33 at
Tue Oct 29 15:03:04 UTC 2002

Oh My!!!
My previous message is messed up because I was writting it through
IE 5-Hotmail web site ( I am @Work right now )  doing back-space going
to previous pages... I hope you undestand and excuse my error...

But here is the good text:
I have a certain vision about CPP KDE/QT support.
Gideon is still missing:
  - A kind of wizard for KAction/QAction setup/editing.
  - The ability to find and parse source code for implemented
    QT Connections, then like Designer, edit/create the connections...
    And it could be sharp to maintain a persistent map (per project and
    global), let say in a XML file also like Designer........

  I think the engines might be very hard to code - I dunno.

  Anyway, it is just my 0.0002 cents too ;-)



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