newbie wanting to contribute but no idea where to start

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Mon Oct 21 21:18:05 UTC 2002

Hi Paul!

Paul Drummond wrote:

>Hi All,
>I am an experienced C++ developer and I have always wanted to 
>contribute to an open source project but never got round to it until
>I tried out GIDEON alpha - It's exactly the type of project I want to
>contribute to.  

>Any how, I have no idea how an open source project works.  I have
>been studying the source code but there is a lot there and I would like
>to focus on one area and contribute a small modification to get the
>hang of it all.  Are there any small tasks that need doing which would
>help me get started learning the application??  I have load of ideas
>but feel they are to major for me at the moment so I need to start small
>and work my way into KDevelop.
For instance, help to implement the 'Window' and 'View' menu concerning 
the On/Off-switching of views, switching the UI modes immediately. Take 
a look at the GUI of KDevelop-2.1.3 or MS Visual C++ to get an idea what 
is missing for that stuff. Or help to merge Childframe UI mode and 
TabPage UI mode together in a way that it looks like: . I recognized it doesn't make 
sense to have it divided in 2 modes like in KDevelop-2.1.3.
Appropriate things must be done in lib/qextmdi. That's one of the things 
I schedulled but I don't have the time at present.

>I am also intrigued to know who is currently doing what... This mailing
>list is quite sparse at the moment - is there a web page or something
>that shows what people are working on, what's been finished and what's
>not been started yet?  I have looked at the TODO page on the KDevelop
>site but its a bit out of date isn't it???? :)
Yes, the HTML page must be updated with the help of the mailing-list 
Harald told you about. That's another task you might do. :-)

>Paul Drummond
>pdrummond at
F at lk

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