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F@lk Brettschneider falk.brettschneider at
Mon Oct 21 21:07:07 UTC 2002

Heinz Hornung wrote:

>Hello kdevelop-team,
>gideon was missing a way to bring back closed tree and ouput tool views.
Cool. :-)

>All new GUI elements work approximately similar to those in KDevelop, with one 
>exception: If somebody uses the view-menu entry or the action icon "All 
>Ouptut Tool-Views" the Window which holds all output tool views will be 
The reason for not doing this in 2.1 was:
If the user re-docks the output tool-views to several places (e.g. 
classview on the right-hand side, docu-view on the left-hand side, 
debugger-view to desktop), your approach wont work anymore because there 
wont be one parent dock-view for all together. Maybe you should check 
your patch concerning this problem.

>I did not find an exact match for KDeveloper's icon "Output View". The hammer 
>is missing in the icon I use for Gideon. Perhaps, you know where to find a 
>more suitable icon.
Why not take the icon of 2.1?

>I used some Doxygen-style comments to comment  on my changes. I did not check, 
>how KDoc will format those comments. If you wish, I can change the style to 
KDoc will ignore it AFAIK. But better is to use KDoc style as far as you 
can. Doxygen knows it too and KDoc users can generate the pages as well.

>During my testing, I've noticed a small bug:
>For some reason, the shurtcuts for the new icons stop to work after 
>approximately 3 consequtive hits. They will start to work again, if gideon is 
>minimised and maximised again.
AFAIK using Qt you must set the accels again after a 
QWidget::reparent(). Docking reparents like hell. :-) But it's just a 

>Heinz Hornung
F at lk

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