Kdevelop 3 alpha Comments...

Victor Röder victor_roeder at gmx.de
Mon Oct 14 20:36:04 UTC 2002

Hi, Bretzel!

Great idea!

But ;-) I've changed the cppsupport/cppaddmethoddlgbase.ui file and
other ui files but not affected to C++ support.
I will commit them this evening and you can have a look. When they are
not what you would like see, you can redesign them.

An other question I would like to follow is bringing all the dialogs to
one "corporate design". Maybe, Bretzel, you can design one :-).


 >	for:
 > 	   * Class properties dialog
 >	   * Class Tool Viewer page
 >	   * (new) Attribute properties page
 >		* Attributes's Read properties page
 >		* Attributes's Write properties page
 >           * (new) Method properties page
 >	   * (new) Signal properties page
 >           * (new) Slot properties page
 >           * QT (only new connections for now )properties page.

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