Kdevelop 3 alpha Comments...

Serge Lussier serge.lussier at videotron.ca
Mon Oct 14 19:22:04 UTC 2002

Hi all,

First I am really excited and impressed of what is done
to KDevelop next gen.

There are real amazing new features and better API organisation.
There are also some regression - recall from to KDevelop 1.x series...
As a (small) contributor to KDevelop from 1.4 to 2.x, I realized that the 
C++ support dialogs aren't as adavanced as the rest of the project. 
For example, the Class properties dialogs are ( excepted for <add method> )
the exact ones from KDevelop 1.x. 

... you will indeed realize that I am the one who made the central
dialog for Class properties in KDevelop 1/2... ;-) So guess what ?? I am 
actually experimenting some of my ideas about imporving the C++ support 
dialogs in Gideon...

I have learned lots of stuff about KDE/QT/Kdevelop and then GUI design since 
KDevelop 1.4 . I am proposing here to re-centralize the C++ Class dialogs:

 	1 -- But in a manner that will allow the API to popup the individual CLASS 	
	property dialogs -- 
	2 -- I will base the central Dialog GUI on KDialogBase thus it will 	
	be more GUI standard like Kdevelop configuration dlg's.
	3 -- Since I am FAR from an artist, maybe someone would create 32x32 icons 				
 	   * Class properties dialog
	   * Class Tool Viewer page
	   * (new) Attribute properties page
		* Attributes's Read properties page
		* Attributes's Write properties page 
           * (new) Method properties page
	   * (new) Signal properties page
           * (new) Slot properties page
           * QT (only new connections for now )properties page.

I still need to learn the Gideon API ( KdevPlugin/Part )... And I can code 
only during my free time because of my work and my familly.

I am waiting for your comments.
Best regard,

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