Here's a patch for Bug#43232: KDevelop doesn't find htdig search-results file

Mart Verburg mart.verburg at
Mon Oct 7 17:05:04 UTC 2002

As I encountered some minor inconsistancies in the latest KDevelop version I installed (KDevelop2.1-2.src.rpm from RedHat distro), I decided to fiddle around with the source myself.  Now I've come up with a solution for another bug I submitted some time ago:
* bugfix: Bug#43232: KDevelop doesn't find htdig search-results file

While examining the sources I found two problems:
1. when both glimpse and Ht://dig are available, KDevelop just assumes glimpse 
is being used, and doesn't bother checking the searchEngine= setting (under section [Doc_Location] in kdeveloprc).
2. After running kdevelop-setup or Options-KDevelop Setup-Documentation-Create Search Database, the searchengine chosen is NOT recorded in kdeveloprc.

The patch I wrote is to ensure that:
1. the searchEngine setting is READ before 
	a. attempting to start a search using a particular engine, and
	b. attempting to read the resultfile from either engine.
2. the searchEngine setting is WRITTEN
	after closing the create search database dialog CCreateDocDatabaseDlg 
	using the OK button

While I was at it, I couldn't help but improve a bit on the CCreateDocDatabaseDlg:
1. The Create-new-SearchIndex button is now disabled instead of absent 
when there's no installed searchengine found
2. when the OK-button is used, the selected searchEingine gets recorded in kdeveloprc, and dialog no longer needs to be exited through the cancel-button
3. the extra documentation directories to be indexed are stored in kdeveloprc, so user doesn't need to specify 'em again when his docs need re-indexing.

The patch serves it's purpose on my machine; I hope it can do the same for others.  I have not tested it on any other machine.

I ftp-ed the patch to
It's called

My configuration:
kernel:   2.4.3-ac14 (trying to update to 2.4.18 as this patch was written)
distro:   RedHat 7.0, partly updated to RH7.3 via bin-RPM's, except Glibc
glibc:    2.1.92
gcc:      2.96-110
Qt:       3.03
KDE:      3.0.0-10
KDevelop: 2.1
autoconf: 2.53
automake: 1.5

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