KDevelop 3.0 alpha release 1

Yann Hodique Yann.Hodique at lifl.fr
Mon Oct 7 12:52:07 UTC 2002


> > 3. Min requirements are KDE3.0 and Qt3.0.5, correct?
> if i'm not getting wrong yann port gideon to kde 3.0.x a few days ago.. 
> maybe if we remove the "old & unused" qeditor, gideon compiles(and works?!?!) 
> with qt 3.0.3 too.

gideon is ok with kde 3.0.3 / qt 3.0.5 , and I just don't find any rpm package for prior versions on ftp.kde.org (I'd prefer not to compile it from source :p)... rather strange...

qeditor isn't that unused :-) but I have to admit it is probably the only part that can be troublesome with qt 3.0.3 
I can have a look at that if needed.


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