Max listposter at machsim.com
Wed Oct 2 15:34:02 UTC 2002

Hello Everybody,

I have been using kdevelop for over a year now, I am happy, but I shall 
confess I have tried ever other IDE to find sth better, but still 
KDevelop looks more confortable. But I have question.

When the new generation KDevelop is available, will it be possible to 
extend the IDE by plugins ? I believe this is definitely required and it 
would be very useful to be able to build plugins with C/C++ or 
preferably python in KDevelop. I am looking for plugins for code 
refactoring,  templates, more powerful finding in files, auto commenting 
methods, design pattern awareness and other OO approaches. Some of this 
functionality is really simple since they can be done by simply 
modifying the selected text.

If the new version of KDevelop is far in the future, they can be added 
on the current stable version. I would like to participate in efforts of 
discussion / design / implementation.


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