classview patch for KDevelop 2.1.3 ( F at lk's request for comments )

Serge Lussier serge.lussier at
Tue Oct 1 20:15:17 UTC 2002

Hi F at lk,

I did patch a fresh Kdevelop 2.1.3 with the classview.

Opening a project gets QT/KDE classes parsed
and even my ClassPropertiesDlg work fine with it.

But dramatic crashes occur at one of theese near points:
CKonsoleWidget::setDirectory (QString) : not sure the exact member spelling
Maybe the QString arg stack space is corrupted by the patch ... ???

1 - I have blocked ( put comments ) in CKonsoleWidget::setDir[...] function
2 - I have put " if( ! parent ) return 0l; in CTreeHandler::addItem() members

It fixes crash is fixed at runtime until I exit KDevelop, which 
crashes somewhere in CTreeHandler::addItem   (???)

Might be GDB ( callstack screwed ). It gives me random crash points...

I am unable to locate where exactly is the crash ... ;-(

3 - KDE classes are put in wrong QListViewItem ( "Standart C" instead of KDE ) 
into classview tree.

I am a bit exhausted and I ask if there was discutions about that...


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