Kdevelop 2.1.3: Teasing you with my improved CodeCompletion ;-)

Serge Lussier serge.lussier at videotron.ca
Tue Oct 1 16:06:02 UTC 2002

Le 1 Octobre 2002 02:15, Falk Brettschneider a écrit :
> This seems to be the same as August's patch available on
> http://www.kdevelop.org/index.html?filename=plugins_patches.html , doesn't
> it? Just wondering... Anyway, if it's not, please send the patch to this
> mailing-list that we can upload it to the patches site mentioned above.
> Sorry, as there will not be another KDE-3.0.x there's absolutely no chance
> to release another
> KDevelop-2.1.x version having your patch applied.
> Good work! And it's a pleasure to see someone uses the Toplevel MDI mode.
> :-)
> Keep on hacking
> Ciao
> F at lk

First when I sent the message I was very tired and I did not test enough my 
work. The QT/KDE classes are parsed only starting from the parsed classes 
already in ClassStore. I mean things like:
" this->pEditText-> " : (QT/KDE)->pEditText isn't processed. 
Thus only MyClass and its parent classes ( QT/KDE ) is processed.
That lead to more anoying and "teasing" than real finished work.
Perhaps a little more hacking to CCodeCompletion could fill the gap.

For now this work is only useful when we need to call inherited 
KDE/QWidget/QObject member methods/attr. directly from our own class ( this-> 
). That's it.

Yet it feels better than the frustration of being restricted to the project
only classes.

Therefore, before I send a path, I have to tune up my newlly installed MDK 9.0 
and there is other stuff I have to finish regarding wzconnectdlgimpl dlg. 
When I will have time, I will do the diff against the latest KDevelop (2.1.3) 

Toplevel MDI mode:
Unfortunately, the reason I think the Toplevel mode isn't used is because 
there is no possibility to minimize the editor windows. This is my point of 
view because I did not yet find a way to minimize my windows hehehe ;-)
Otherwize I - LOVE - Toplevel mode.

Until January I will keep working with KDevelop2.1.3 and then jump to Gideon 
when KDE3.1 will be stable and everywhere in the world...

Thank you F at lk for your comments ;-)


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