Patch: Window Menu

Falk Brettschneider falk.brettschneider at
Tue Oct 1 08:28:04 UTC 2002

> Hello kdevelop-team,
> the window menu of gideon supplied from parts/windowmenupart lacks a
number of 
> entries (Close, Tile, ...). The patch "windowmenu.patch" ads those missing

> entries for both SDI and MDI modes. 
Cool work! :-)
To the developers: There is no SDI mode in Gideon, the names are confusing;
please don't use it in the wrong way, rename the appropriate files. Each of
the 4 GUI modes in Gideon implements a Multi-document interface since you've
been able to open multiple documents in one program at the same time. 
Furthermore, that IDEA(l) mode is just a special version of the Tabpage GUI
mode, just with 2 additional features (overlapping and vertical labels). I
always wonder why the implementation effort was doubled, and you didn't extend
the existing TabPage mode of QextMDI. To my mind IDEA mode would be
redundant, if one implements the little extensions to the TabPage GUI mode.

F at lk

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