tab mode bug

Harald Fernengel harry at
Mon Nov 18 16:00:08 UTC 2002


On Monday 18 November 2002 15:37, Caleb Tennis wrote:
> I reported a bug to the database about the tab mode glitch I was having;
> I'm wondering if this is a Qt bug, or perhaps a known "feature" that is
> just annoying.
> The problem arises when you have more tabs (QTabWidget) than you have space
> for, and arrows appear to let you scroll.  If for some reason you update a
> tab label (setTabLabel() - like what is done for notification of if a file
> has had modifications and when it's been saved), then the display of the
> tabs resets all the way to the far most left tab.  Thus, the tab for the
> file you could be currently editing disappears from the selection.  Moreso,
> you cannot scroll right to get back to it again without clicking on another
> tab to re-"activate" the tabbar.
> I hope I'm not alone in seeing this, like so many other bugs I have :)

it is a Qt bug and I just made sure that it will be fixed in the next minor 
releases. Unfortunately, I have no real good workaround except disabling the 
setTabLabel() call or setting the currentPage to 0 and back to the last 
active tab.

Best regards,

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