tab mode bug

Caleb Tennis caleb at
Mon Nov 18 15:39:02 UTC 2002

I reported a bug to the database about the tab mode glitch I was having; I'm 
wondering if this is a Qt bug, or perhaps a known "feature" that is just 

The problem arises when you have more tabs (QTabWidget) than you have space 
for, and arrows appear to let you scroll.  If for some reason you update a 
tab label (setTabLabel() - like what is done for notification of if a file 
has had modifications and when it's been saved), then the display of the tabs 
resets all the way to the far most left tab.  Thus, the tab for the file you 
could be currently editing disappears from the selection.  Moreso, you cannot 
scroll right to get back to it again without clicking on another tab to 
re-"activate" the tabbar.

I hope I'm not alone in seeing this, like so many other bugs I have :)


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