KCModule template on Kdevelop 2.1.3

bretzel serge.lussier at videotron.ca
Sun Nov 17 18:48:06 UTC 2002

Hi there,
It is not the first time I ask here, also on the KDE mailling list.
But NO replies yet...;-(

Let say I create a Kcontrol Module project : kcm

compile/make successfull then  make install. - Success.
there are 
OK, the new kcm project is "empty" but shouldn't prevent kcmshell to find 

I know I have to manually copy kcm.desktop to [kde_applnk]/Settings/LookNFeel 
subdir ( let say I want to see my kcm module into it (LookNFeel).

I am for sure missing something because 
"kcmshell kcm" command won't work.:
Output :
>>Loading required GL library /usr/X11R6/lib/libGL.so.1.2
>> kcontrol: Found basegroup = Configuration/KDE/
>> kcontrol: ERROR: Module kcm not found!"

So, I need one (kindy) person to tell me what I have to do now...
I ask here because I have every people at Kde-look.org rushing me to port 
my Splashman project to a KControl module. 

As I 've read the kdebase/kcontrol/icons sources code, I realize that
both Kdevelop 2.x AND Gideon KCModule template are obsolete.
the Icons use Kde factory template instead of calling "extern "C"{ ...}

Please don't tell me about kcontrol/HOWTO ( even CVS ) every where because 
I've  already read them and then they are also obsolete and unusable info 
considering kdevelop template already does <some> of the requirement...

Please, I need one who already wrote a module... help!


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